Monday, June 21, 2010

ATZ: Invasion of the Hive - Challenge

After the last struggle the group re-united in the morning thanking the Emperor that their food and supplies were still intact inside their pickup. GHX was also startled to discover the man the two Orlocks were guarding is Rotgut, a local Guilder who somehow managed to make it past the first wave of assaulting Plague Zombies.

The 'Hawks quickly learned that Hole in the Wall was overrun in a matter of hours. A Delaque gang made a valiant stand attempting to rally the town but could not quell the ensuing riots stirred up by a group of Redemptionist who were bent on spreading the word of the impending end. The city tore itself apart leaving scraps of flesh for the Zeds to feast on.

Before much else could be determined newcomer Sewer Breath voiced his displeasure concerning the gang's leadership in front of the men. Calling Gutterface out in front of his peers, he challenged him to a shootout for Gang leadership. Not one to let a no-name puke steal his thunder, the leader accepted. He was already nursing some wounds (Rep 4) and suffering from a string of bad luck but was not going to put up with this insubordination and would attempt to make an example out of this hot-shot.

Sewer Breath sprung off the balls of his feet charging hard towards Gutterface immediately. Gutter' drew his stub gun and fired off a snap shot at the charging hulk but was not quite fast enough as the two locked in brutal hand to hand combat.

Proving himself quite the brawler, Sewer clutched Gutterface in a bear hug and heaved him off the ramp to the junk heap below claiming his dominance.

Bloodied and bruised, Gutterface conceded defeat giving the reins of the gang over to Sewer Breath. Clenching his fists in anger, the former leader vowed it was only a matter of time before he would find revenge. Sewer Breath would need to watch his back if he planned to stay atop the crew long.

Friday, June 18, 2010

ATZ Invasion of the Hive Batrep 002 - A Hero's Welcome

The Gutterhawks (GHX) trudged into the distant settlement
Hole in the Wall just as night was approaching. The constant turnover in the Goliath gang was starting to become a problem as Gutterface was struggling to remember his soldier's names. Oh well, they'd likely bite it soon anyway so nothing to fret.

Regardless, Gutterface took over as Gang Heavy (serving dual roles as the leader) as Teeth fell in the previous conflict. Newcomer Goliath Juve Ted held a sick knife fetish which was tolerated only because of his ability to carve up the rotting flesh which served as a more immediate threat than a freak with rusty blades in leather bondage. The other fresh face to grace GHX was a flamer toting Goliath Ganger who we promptly dubbed Sewer Breath for obvious reasons. Bringing this lunatic into the fold would later be very costly but that's a story for the next blog. Finally, returning to action was underhive hero Dumbass, the aloof Van Saar who believed himself to be somewhat of a sharp-shooter but struggled mightily to hit even the largest of sludge tanks. Sarge also recovered from his face plant and would make the fruitful trip less a few teeth and brain cells.

So we enter the run-down settlement looking for even the slimmest glimmer of hope. Surely the large horde of scummers, gangers, Arbites, and Guilders of Hole in the Wall could fend off a pesky swarm of Plague Zombies. Tearing down the smoothest path of wreckage into town, the five-piece narrowly avoided the winding spires and rusting skeletal structures.

Not quite the parade coming down skid row in welcome that GHX expected, rather, a large horde of the hive's most disgruntled citizens sporting flesh wounds and protruding bones were rioting near the base of a tall building. Twin floodlights mounted at the crest of the tower illuminated the bodies creating a downright terrifying image of a long past their prime shock rock band writhing on stage in geriatic spasms which only a daft imbecile hooked on spook could confuse for "dance moves". A couple bodies could be made out near the top of the structure, fortified from the freaks below and taking up a rather precarious defensive position.

With possible survivors in sight we hauled ass for the tower locking and loading and ready to deal pain.

The Zeds responded with giddy moans as they scaled the rickety ladder faster than a third world resident catching whiff of a juicy stake. As the spotlights shifted slightly to illuminate the wall of flesh, we caught sight of an Orlock Ganger with a shotty. He stuffed it down the throat of the first wave of corpses and opened up, splattering gore and bits of flesh across the tower wall in a manner Jackson Pollock would even be proud of.

Despite the crazy risks involved, the Hawks came to the aid of the Orlocks attempting to clear the way with a gout of flame courtesy of Sewer Breath. Who doesn't love the smell of charred flesh mixed with rank waste?

Being the selfish pukes they are, Sarge and Dumbass headed to the adjacent shack to give it a once over. They found its residents a bit perturbed and famished.

Of course, my men were up to the challenge.

Knifeman Ted joined the duo in the now cleared out shack as Gutterface and Sewer Breath stealed themselves. The group was beginning to get surrounded as the expanse of streets in the settlement began to echo with the hyena like cackles in response to the dinner bell of auto-gun and shotgun fire.

The Zeds set upon the group quickly, Gutterface becoming the first casualty to a surprisingly quick flanking attack.

While Sewer Breath pulled his leader to safety, the trio in doors barred the windows and began unloading into their adversaries as a siege was underway.

As a hole in the wall of flesh appears, they make a break for it.

As the entire Gang booked it in an attempt to lose the pursuing horde, the trio atop the tower seized the distraction to make their way down.

As all the chaos ensued, Sewer Breath dropped Gutterface behind some rubble and made his way to the base of the fortified building to help the strangers beat a retreat.

Unfortunately, a nearby industrial structure broke out in flame attracting a large frenzy of activity. If shit hadn't hit the fan yet, it was about to.

The Orlocks finally hit the ground as Sewer Breath lay down covering fire with his autogun. It was beginning to get hairy.

Down the street Sarge, Dumbass, and newbie Ted were skirting the Plague Zombies and sought shelter in a nearby ruins. Once again the dwelling was not empty and the three threw down.

Making short work of the Zeds, the group hunkered down and decided to wait it out till morning. They thought they lost the rest of the horde and Ted thought he caught a glimpse Sewer Breath leading the group of stragers to safety. But who the hell were those three holed up in the tower and how do we know they hadn't taken their comrades hostage stripping of their valuables? The rest of the night would be a long one as they hoped their friends had made it and their pickup containing the last of their food would still be around when they departed.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

ATZ: Invasion of the Hive Batrep 001

We had a stellar game of ATZ the other night featuring everyone's favorite Goliath gang the Gutter 'Hawks. We've been playing Two Hour Wargames All Things Zombie miniature game using Games Workshop's Necromunda setting - and it's been a blast.

Most of the rules are straight ATZ, we're using custom weapons/equipment and throwing in some house rules here and there. If you want more information send me an email.

First, let me introduce the 'Hawks:

From left to right we have Ganger Sarge, Heavy Teeth, Gang Leader Gutterface, and Van Saar Ganger Dumbass (Not sure what his name was before he joined GHX but that's what we nicknamed him).

Gutterface is the last of the original Goliath Gang which was previously lead by Ulcer (KIA by Zeds). He reformed the gang recruiting several other Goliaths as well as a Van Saar Ganger who was found half-starved on the outskirts of a collapsed dome.

Anyway, the story thus far is that the Underhive has been overrun by Plague Zombies but no one is quite sure how far their infection has spread. Seeking safety and the remnants of their primal civilization GHX intend to drive an armored truck to the nearest settlement, Hole in the Wall, but they are desperately lacking fuel. The solution: raid a Delaque fuel depot. The gangs already had bad blood between them so what did we have to lose?

We decided to use the guidelines for the Raid scenario (ATZ: Better Dead Than Zed) and entered the board on the far left driving at a high speed. We knew Delaque sentries would be present but we were hoping to take them by speed coupled with the confusion of a swarm of Zeds hot on the tail of our pickup. You have no excuse but to be ballsy when you've seen half your gang devoured in front of your face like a five course meal while all you have to live on is slime and algae...undead bastards.

Pushing hard towards the entrance to the depot, we come under fire from two Delaque sentries. Despite the loud whine of the engine, we quickly gain a bead on the targets and let loose with everything we got. Bleeding out atop steel ramparts, the sentries quickly fall and the exchange of gunfire is over before they realize what hit them. A third Delaque nearest the depot comes out of hiding making a B-line for the doorway.

Putting the pedal to the metal we crash towards the entrance as the Juve fumbles with the heavy iron door. He's put down like an old dog but not before his bald-headed bastard friends steady themselves for a heavy shoot-out.

We quickly unleash everything we got as sweltering lead carves large gashes into the side of the building like a manic tatoo artist on a rush job. Bodies fall and Zeds snicker as meals never came so easy.

Inside view of our handi-work:

By this time the Plague Zombies were quickly on our heels but we still had a mean as hell enemy heavy to deal with.

Heavy v. Heavy

The carnage doesn't last long...

Siezing the initiative, Gutterface and Teeth head inside with the Sarge pulling up the rear. Kicking in the door, the trio are surprised to discover a meeting going down between the Delaques and an Escher gang (The Big Whigs). We ran into the Whigs in the past in a territory dispute a week before Z-day and luckily it ended with no bloodshed. Bets were on a pint or more this go around.

The inside of the Fuel Depot

The two groups exchange heated threats and a Mexican standoff ensues. You weren't betting against GHX were you?

Sadly, Teeth's chest exploded from the Delaque Leader's boltgun fire but there was no time to mourn a fallen warrior. Besides, "surgery" does not exist in the Hive's lexicon and Teeth's innards pooled on the ground pouring from his open body cavity like a climaxing pinata on flow-max. Yeah, it wasn't pretty.

Anyway, we tore through that complex faster than hell rooting out the last of the rats guarding their precious fuel like it was food. Yes, it looked dim for the two Goliaths but we had no qualms about shooting women and a puny half-nurished Delaque who posed no greater threat than a small child. The black gold was in sight and we were prepared to sacrifice everything to get the hell out of dodge and leave the Zeds in the sunset.

The Emperor was on our side as the shotgun Escher missed, the Autogun broad jammed, and the Delaque struggled to bring his rifle to bear before we unloaded our entire payload of scatter shot and auto-gun rounds. It was beautiful, violent, and the single artistic expression the Hive was capable of.

So you keep asking where the hell are the Zombies. This is ATZ right? Yes, yes it is. In fact, they had begun to swarm the entrance of the depot, feasting on that poor juve who never quite made it to safety. Our Van Saar Ganger Dumbass was picking the Zeds off from a nearby tower trying to slow them down but wasn't accomplishing much (how do you think he earned that name?). Dumbass was so stealthy in his sniper post that the battlefield photographers couldn't quite nab a picture either, oh well.

Anyway, the Plague Zombies were just about done with their afternoon snack. The only thing saving the two fuel mules inside was the Zeds hesitation coupled with lack of intelligence (Oh how poorly we rolled for their activation).

With the only way out being a wall of decay, the Goliaths had to think fast - something they're not known for. Throwing the bodies of their fallen foe over the wall, they gave the Plague Zombies a prime distraction so they could make their escape.

After tossing the fresh corpses over the wall, the remnants of GHX attempted to leap from the balcony to their pickup. Sarge went first, missing the lip of the truck bed by a hair and slamming face first into a pile of rubble opening a nasty gash in his skull and knocking out several teeth (failed Challenge roll which caused him to take an Impact 2 hit...he rolled a 1). His lifeless body was defenseless against the swarm of nearby carnivores.

Don't fret, Gutterface landed heavily in the bed after tossing the oil drum and grabbed his buddy.

Once the goods were secure, the duo made their escape heading back to pickup Dumbass from his sniper perch and get the hell out of dodge before the Zeds could nab them.

Overall it was a successful mission despite the loss of Teeth. The trio's next move would be to find another recruit or two and make their way to Hole in the Wall to find out what was really going on in the Hive.