Friday, June 18, 2010

ATZ Invasion of the Hive Batrep 002 - A Hero's Welcome

The Gutterhawks (GHX) trudged into the distant settlement
Hole in the Wall just as night was approaching. The constant turnover in the Goliath gang was starting to become a problem as Gutterface was struggling to remember his soldier's names. Oh well, they'd likely bite it soon anyway so nothing to fret.

Regardless, Gutterface took over as Gang Heavy (serving dual roles as the leader) as Teeth fell in the previous conflict. Newcomer Goliath Juve Ted held a sick knife fetish which was tolerated only because of his ability to carve up the rotting flesh which served as a more immediate threat than a freak with rusty blades in leather bondage. The other fresh face to grace GHX was a flamer toting Goliath Ganger who we promptly dubbed Sewer Breath for obvious reasons. Bringing this lunatic into the fold would later be very costly but that's a story for the next blog. Finally, returning to action was underhive hero Dumbass, the aloof Van Saar who believed himself to be somewhat of a sharp-shooter but struggled mightily to hit even the largest of sludge tanks. Sarge also recovered from his face plant and would make the fruitful trip less a few teeth and brain cells.

So we enter the run-down settlement looking for even the slimmest glimmer of hope. Surely the large horde of scummers, gangers, Arbites, and Guilders of Hole in the Wall could fend off a pesky swarm of Plague Zombies. Tearing down the smoothest path of wreckage into town, the five-piece narrowly avoided the winding spires and rusting skeletal structures.

Not quite the parade coming down skid row in welcome that GHX expected, rather, a large horde of the hive's most disgruntled citizens sporting flesh wounds and protruding bones were rioting near the base of a tall building. Twin floodlights mounted at the crest of the tower illuminated the bodies creating a downright terrifying image of a long past their prime shock rock band writhing on stage in geriatic spasms which only a daft imbecile hooked on spook could confuse for "dance moves". A couple bodies could be made out near the top of the structure, fortified from the freaks below and taking up a rather precarious defensive position.

With possible survivors in sight we hauled ass for the tower locking and loading and ready to deal pain.

The Zeds responded with giddy moans as they scaled the rickety ladder faster than a third world resident catching whiff of a juicy stake. As the spotlights shifted slightly to illuminate the wall of flesh, we caught sight of an Orlock Ganger with a shotty. He stuffed it down the throat of the first wave of corpses and opened up, splattering gore and bits of flesh across the tower wall in a manner Jackson Pollock would even be proud of.

Despite the crazy risks involved, the Hawks came to the aid of the Orlocks attempting to clear the way with a gout of flame courtesy of Sewer Breath. Who doesn't love the smell of charred flesh mixed with rank waste?

Being the selfish pukes they are, Sarge and Dumbass headed to the adjacent shack to give it a once over. They found its residents a bit perturbed and famished.

Of course, my men were up to the challenge.

Knifeman Ted joined the duo in the now cleared out shack as Gutterface and Sewer Breath stealed themselves. The group was beginning to get surrounded as the expanse of streets in the settlement began to echo with the hyena like cackles in response to the dinner bell of auto-gun and shotgun fire.

The Zeds set upon the group quickly, Gutterface becoming the first casualty to a surprisingly quick flanking attack.

While Sewer Breath pulled his leader to safety, the trio in doors barred the windows and began unloading into their adversaries as a siege was underway.

As a hole in the wall of flesh appears, they make a break for it.

As the entire Gang booked it in an attempt to lose the pursuing horde, the trio atop the tower seized the distraction to make their way down.

As all the chaos ensued, Sewer Breath dropped Gutterface behind some rubble and made his way to the base of the fortified building to help the strangers beat a retreat.

Unfortunately, a nearby industrial structure broke out in flame attracting a large frenzy of activity. If shit hadn't hit the fan yet, it was about to.

The Orlocks finally hit the ground as Sewer Breath lay down covering fire with his autogun. It was beginning to get hairy.

Down the street Sarge, Dumbass, and newbie Ted were skirting the Plague Zombies and sought shelter in a nearby ruins. Once again the dwelling was not empty and the three threw down.

Making short work of the Zeds, the group hunkered down and decided to wait it out till morning. They thought they lost the rest of the horde and Ted thought he caught a glimpse Sewer Breath leading the group of stragers to safety. But who the hell were those three holed up in the tower and how do we know they hadn't taken their comrades hostage stripping of their valuables? The rest of the night would be a long one as they hoped their friends had made it and their pickup containing the last of their food would still be around when they departed.


  1. Another nice one! Love the pics and and lively write up.
    How many zombies were there at the end?

  2. There were about 40-45. I have 32 painted so when you see the albino primed zombies you can tell we were running out. We actually had to proxy some Genestealers in at a couple of points as there we ran out of Zed models. Completely crazy.

  3. Nice write up...some crazy action going on there.

  4. Great write up ! Nothing beats Necromunda with zombies !