Monday, June 21, 2010

ATZ: Invasion of the Hive - Challenge

After the last struggle the group re-united in the morning thanking the Emperor that their food and supplies were still intact inside their pickup. GHX was also startled to discover the man the two Orlocks were guarding is Rotgut, a local Guilder who somehow managed to make it past the first wave of assaulting Plague Zombies.

The 'Hawks quickly learned that Hole in the Wall was overrun in a matter of hours. A Delaque gang made a valiant stand attempting to rally the town but could not quell the ensuing riots stirred up by a group of Redemptionist who were bent on spreading the word of the impending end. The city tore itself apart leaving scraps of flesh for the Zeds to feast on.

Before much else could be determined newcomer Sewer Breath voiced his displeasure concerning the gang's leadership in front of the men. Calling Gutterface out in front of his peers, he challenged him to a shootout for Gang leadership. Not one to let a no-name puke steal his thunder, the leader accepted. He was already nursing some wounds (Rep 4) and suffering from a string of bad luck but was not going to put up with this insubordination and would attempt to make an example out of this hot-shot.

Sewer Breath sprung off the balls of his feet charging hard towards Gutterface immediately. Gutter' drew his stub gun and fired off a snap shot at the charging hulk but was not quite fast enough as the two locked in brutal hand to hand combat.

Proving himself quite the brawler, Sewer clutched Gutterface in a bear hug and heaved him off the ramp to the junk heap below claiming his dominance.

Bloodied and bruised, Gutterface conceded defeat giving the reins of the gang over to Sewer Breath. Clenching his fists in anger, the former leader vowed it was only a matter of time before he would find revenge. Sewer Breath would need to watch his back if he planned to stay atop the crew long.


  1. Loving your BATREPS, keep 'em coming, laughed out loud at the challenge for gang leadership. You can't keep good scum down!!

    Keep up the good work, keep on having fun.


  2. No you can't keep good scum down. Think this will become some interesting story in the future as I'm going to play up Gutterface's stubborness.

    Glad people are enjoying this.

  3. Loved your batreps. Such a project is something I am preparing for, too. That's why I am keeping all my Necromunda minis :)

    Did you make the gangs different from each other with the choice of attributes? Or are they just humans with different models used to represent them?

    Keep posting such cool reports! I'll be staying tuned :)

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  4. Right now the gangs are pretty much the same. We use the three types of characters from ATZ:

    -Civillians: Basically people from the Settlements who are not all that adept at fighting, even in the Hive world

    -Gangers: Most of the Necromunda world

    -Survivors: Scummers and hired guns in Necromunda without a Gang affiliation

    We would like to use different attributes but haven't spent the time to create our own yet. It seems like you could come up with some good ones from the skill tables in Necromunda.

    The only special rules we do use concerning Gangs is that if you meet someone of the same house, you get a +1 die bonus on the Meet ang Greet table. Also, Van Saar are the only Gangers who get a bonus on hot-wiring vehicles due to their technical nature.

  5. Thanks a lot for responding to my questions. I think I'll be using 5150 for my Necromunda gaming anyway but can't wait for more batreps from you.

    Keep them coming and thanks for taking time to share them!

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting